composer of music for theatre and concert

An English composer with a diverse catalogue of chamber music, vocal & choral works and small-scale operas, Edward Lambert creates new ‘post-baroque’ music that is lucid and lyrical, harmonious and detailed. He has formed a company called The Music Troupe to give performances of new purpose-built chamber operas...


Scores are available to view on this website or may be downloaded by means of a Performance Restricted license from IMSLP

Recent works - The Visit to the Sepulchre (folk opera/oratorio), The Butterfly’s Spell (chamber opera),  The Art of Venus (chamber opera Tête à Tête 2017), Opera With A Title (Tête à Tête 2015),  Yin & Yang Cantata (Newbury 2016),  Aspects of Work (Manchester 2016),  The Catfish Conundrum (Tête à Tête & Brighton 2014 & 2015),  Six Characters in Search of a Stage (Brighton & mini tour 2014)