Edward Lambert is an English composer with a diverse catalogue of chamber music, vocal & choral works and chamber operas
. His music has been described as 'strikingly imagined' (The Times), 'inventively textured and syntactically original' (Daily Telegraph), 'lithe and muscular' (Opera Magazine), - and even 'the pounding pulse of rock'. Written in a broadly modern idiom that sometimes evokes folk, early music or minimalism, it combines lucid and often lyrical statements with some intricate detailing which make his music challenging yet accessible. He has instituted The Music Troupe of London, a flexible touring group of singers and musicians, which has recently given the first performances of his chamber operas Six Characters in Search of a Stage and The Catfish Conundrum.



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Piano Duet Aspects of 'Work'

for Julian Jacobson & Mariko Brown

August 2014

TheCatfish Conundrum

June 2014

The Inarticulate Burr

Sonata for Strings


May 2014

Six Characters in Search of a Stage


newly recorded:

String Quartet no.3

String Quartet no.2

Six Characters in Search of a Stage



The Music Troupe




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